Sunday, November 30, 2014

Shop Visit: Pierre's Chocolates of New Hope, Pennsylvania

Two thoughts hit me at once upon walking into Pierre's Chocolates of New Hope, Pennsylvania. First, I'm going to swoon from the overwhelming aroma of chocolate- the best kind of sensory overload. Second, this is everything that a family-owned chocolate shop should be- warm service, overloaded trays of candies, fresh ingredients, exciting experiments with flavor, a sense of pride in the product. Not to mention surprisingly affordable prices. 

There are wild flavors. The plaid chocolates above are named The Highlander, a blend of milk and dark chocolate combined with smoky scotch. The golden crowns are called Force Noir, an intense 70% dark chocolate meltaway.

Above and below, Christmas and Chanukah offerings.

Above you see my group's selection. At less than a dollar a chocolate, it's an unbelievable deal.

A few more flavors to note:
The chocolate pictured above and below decorated with golden musical notes is called the Vienna- a dark chocolate shell protects a center consisting of a layer of milk chocolate and a layer of marzipan. I loved this one especially. The chocolate decorated with a golden blocky floral design is called the Desert Rose Truffle, a milk chocolate center infused with rose water and honey. Delicious. Another flavor worth pointing out is the Bangkok Truffle, the chocolate with a sprinkle of silver dusted across the top. The Bangkok is a milk chocolate base infused with Thai tea with notes of coconut, vanilla, lemongrass and ginger. Wild! 

Each one of these chocolates constitutes a flavor adventure. Thanks, Abe, for the introduction!

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  1. I was there! I have no idea how Obsessive Sweets maintained her composure while we were SWOONING from the aroma and from the visual feast and from hearing what was in all these delightful choices.