Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Jelly Belly Draft Beer Jellybeans

I'm absolutely the wrong person to taste-test Jelly Belly Draft Beef Jellybeans as I simply do not enjoy the taste of beer in any form. So I made a bunch of other people test them out in order to maintain a semblance of fairness. Everyone involved, including me, was wowed by the accuracy of the aroma of beer, and even a sense of effervescence, upon opening the package. Additionally, these are some really pretty jellybeans, all gold and shiny. The taste, though, doesn't really mimic beer. The aroma mixes with the flavor to create a vague beer essence but the flavoring resembles a butterscotch-vanilla more than anything. Overall, a bit bland. They'd probably make a great decoration on a cake or sundae...gleaming golden gems...

Score (flavor): 2
Score (concept and aroma): 4

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