Saturday, October 25, 2014

Special Guest Blogger Alert: Halloween Edition!

Hello out there in Candyland!

I’m sure that many of you wonder, as I did, what it is like to be married to a celebrity.  Well, over 3 years ago I found out the answer to that question when I married Obsessive Sweets, AKA Sweets Ramirez.  I can attest that being married to a celebrity is not only glamorous; it also has its perks.  How would you like to go on chocolate factory tours, sample confections sent to you from all over the world and always have a late night candy cabinet stocked to the rim?  Yes, this is the life I lead and with privilege comes responsibility.  This October, I, husband of Sweets have been tasked in the role of guest candy blogger.  I promise you, Obsessive Sweets readership, that I will sample, eat and review the many candy types that have been gathered and set forth in front of my soon to be pudgy face.  It is for Sweets that I carry out this mission and for you her minions that I know my sacrifice will not be in vain! I look forward to taking this Halloween journey with you.

Happy Halloween! -Spooky Tricks Abramovich

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