Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Limited Edition Girl Scouts Nesquik Lowfat Milk in Caramel Coconut (Samoas)

The Girl Scouts have made another excellent product pairing for their Girl Scout Cookie line: (Nesquik) Milk and (Girl Scout) Cookies! This is not their first time co-branding with Nestle. Last year Girl Scout Cookies were made into special edition Nestle Crunch candy bars that were pretty delicious. I wouldn't opt for one over a traditional cookie but they were fun and unique. (Click here to read review of the candy bars).

Samoas are my favorite of all the Girl Scout cookies so I was especially excited to try the Caramel Coconut flavor. The milk, however, gave me pause. On one hand, the milk is infused with a tasty blend of caramel and coconut and it is pleasing to the palate. My concern was over the strange film that the milk left in the mouth, a very thin slimy layer of something artificial, certainly not a sensation typical to imbibing milk. I couldn't get over the texture enough to enjoy the beverage. However, it added a nice flavor kick in morning coffee and the slime-factor disappeared. Thanks, Mark! I can't wait to try the Thin Mints flavor awaiting in the fridge!

Score: 3

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  1. This sounds like a nightmare. Those lovely cookies, and.....I think I am showing my age. First of all, I imagine aspirating some stray piece of coconut. Where are the REAL Girl Scouts when I need them?