Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Guest Commentator: Obsessive Sweets from a Mother's Perspective

As the mother of Obsessive Sweets aka Sweets Ramirez, I would like to share a story from her very early days. Halloween was absolutely a favorite holiday for her. It was more about selecting the repository to hold the precious treats than it was about finding the best costume. The repository had to be BIG and very inviting so that it was impossible for the donors not to put in a few more pieces of candy. Once home from the door-to door experience, the real fun began.  First there was the sorting by type of candy – just for the sake of sorting. Then, a box that Sweets had designed at the age of three called her Holiday Box was brought out from the special place where she kept it – the bottom shelf of the sideboard. Then all the candy except ONE piece went into the Holiday Box, and said Box went back into the sideboard. It was Sweets’s self-imposed rule that she was allotted one piece per day until all the candy was gone.  As far as I know, she never deviated from this ritual.  One very sad time, we had a friend staying with our cat and dog, and when we got home, ALL THE CANDY WAS GONE.  Said friend had consumed it. Did this make Sweets bitter?  Did it destroy her faith in humanity? Did she become a sourpuss?  No.  And so you have it, a Halloween story about Obsessive Sweets respectfully submitted by her mother, aka "Sweet Treats" Mendelsohn

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