Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Guest Blogger Review: Snickers Pumpkins

I’ll cut to the chase- Pumpkin Snickers are a solid 4, but regular Snickers are a 5. Why did I penalize Pumpkin Snickers a point? They fell prey to my common complaint with this season’s Halloween candy: the festive shapes change the balance of the ingredients for the worse. Though I would eat pumpkin shaped Snickers more often than most year-round candy, they don’t measure up to the original beyond the novelty of the shape.  There is too little nougat and too few peanuts.  The pumpkin shape is flatter than the original. Hence I speculate that the folks at Mars cannot fit the ingredients in sufficient proportions to the original. Nonetheless a 4 is a solid score and this is a valiant effort for the Halloween season.

Score: 4

- Spooky Tricks Abramovich

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