Friday, August 15, 2014

Spanish Chocolate: Valor Dark Chocolate Bar with Forest Fruits

This Spanish chocolate bar by Valor consists of a deep dark chocolate, more bitter than sweet, packed with a variety of berries. In this case, "Forest Fruits" appears to mean raspberries and blackberries. This is a grown-up chocolate bar, with none of the cloyingly sweetness of your average drugstore chocolate. The seeds of the berries add a sense of additional substance to each bite as well as a tart note to balance the dark chocolate. It's a beautifully balanced flavor and completely satisfying. The bar feels like an elegant dessert in candy bar form. One would not consume this bar all in one go- instead, it's meant to be broken up and shared or consumed over a number of evenings. It's the perfect addendum to a good meal, providing the ideal finish. I loved it and wish I could find more in my area. Thanks, Abe and Bernice!

Score: 4

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