Friday, August 22, 2014

Guest Review: Cadbury Double Decker Chocolate Bar

image courtesy of the author via flicker @ allisonwag

Hi, fellow candy lovers! I'm Allison from Obsessivesweets has been kind enough to let me review the British chocolate bar called Double Decker.

The Cadbury Double Decker is a childhood favorite in the UK, so obviously I had never heard of the chocolate bar until today when I stumbled upon it at an international grocery store. The Double Decker was aptly named after double-decker buses, the two-story buses that became a national symbol for British culture. Cadbury featured the buses in most of the candy bar commercials.

image courtesy of the author via flicker @ allisonwag

The Double Decker candy bar has a nougat top layer and crispy cereal bottom layer, and it's covered in milk chocolate. Apparently it's made with coffee, but you would never know it when you eat it. The closest thing I can compare it to is a 100 Grand bar except instead of caramel, the Double Decker substitutes nougat.

The candy bar was a great size, and extremely filling. I ate it for lunch and didn't even think about eating again until about 4 or 5 hours later. The nougat was my favorite part because there was so much of it.

My only issue was the crispy cereal bottom. If it had been crispier and "popped" more, per say, it would have gotten a 5 in my book.

image courtesy of the author via flicker @ allisonwag

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Score: 4

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