Friday, July 11, 2014

Peruvian Chocolate: Nestle Sublime Chocolate con Leche con Mani Extremo

Wow, this Nestle Sublime bar from Peru is fantastic! It's your basic Nestle chocolate bar chock-full of crushed peanuts. The Sublime tastes quite a bit like a Mr. Goodbar except that there are about double the number of peanuts in the Sublime and they are crushed instead of whole or halved. You get a lot of crunch in each mouthful. I also love the flashy foil packaging and the fact that the bar's shape echos its name. It makes a standard candy bar feel special. Another note: the bar traveled in a suitcase from Peru to California and then wended its way from California to New York via the United States Postal Service. Yet despite the chocolate's world travels, it arrived solid and unsullied by its adventures- no small feat for chocolate on the move! Thanks, Mom!

Score: 4


  1. Just made my first trip to Peru and bought a small box of Sublime cubes. YUMMY! Sadly a trip back to the Metro market before leaving home found none left on the shelf :-( I know the next trip to stock up!