Monday, July 21, 2014

Extra Dessert Delights Raspberry Vanilla Cupcake Sugarfree Gum

There's a revolution going on in sugarfree gum flavors, and Extra Dessert Delights is at the forefront. I've previously written glowing reviews of their Peach Cobbler and Rainbow Sherbet varieties. They are truly outstanding and innovative flavors, uncannily standing in for the real dessert. The Raspberry Vanilla Cupcake is the most disappointing flavor I've tasted in the line. Unlike the other varieties that taste unnervingly like the real dessert, I don't sense cupcake or cake in this gum, and the raspberry tastes glaringly artificial. I certainly finished the pack and was ok chewing my way through the sticks. They're not bad. They're simply not outstanding like the other flavors. I really hope that Extra keeps innovating new dessert gums. In-keeping with the recent candy trends, perhaps a birthday cake or carrot cake flavored gum would constitute an exciting experiment....

Score: 2

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