Thursday, June 26, 2014

Norway's Läkerol Yup Salty Licorice Sugarfree Pastilles

These Läkerol Yup Salty Licorice Sugarfree Pastilles are an acquired taste, for sure. Upon popping one of the firm gummies into one's mouth, the salt is the first taste to register. Then the licorice rounds out the salt flavor, creating a potent blend. The blend is not delicious, not a taste one would seek out. However, these do successfully banish any other flavor that was lingering on the palate. Let's say you've consumed a hearty lunch that was heavy on the garlic. These small candies can make you instantly forget the recent garlic intake. Tuna fish sandwich? Banished! These are very effective breath fresheners and although they aren't particularly pleasant to consume they do leave the mouth feeling fresh and clean in a way that most breath mints don't. Add to the fact that they are sweetened with Stevia, my favorite sugar substitute, and they're a really good option over other breath fresheners. Thanks, Zach!

Score: 3

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