Friday, June 13, 2014

Icelandic Treats: Sambó Super Boltar

Wow, these mini morsels look so innocuous and yet they pack a massive punch! In a good way! It appears as if licorice is the foundation of the majority of Icelandic sweets. In the case of Sambó Super Boltar, a small piece of licorice, approximately the size of 1/2 an m&m, constitutes the center of each orb. Sweet melty milk chocolate surrounds the licorice and tempers the strident natural licorice flavor. Finally, the ball is dusted with a powder apparently comprised of unsweetened cocoa. However, don't picture a mug of steaming hot chocolate with this cocoa. Instead, imagine bitter cocoa nibs ground to powder. Not for the weak of heart! This stuff is potent and if you taste only the powder when not combined with the other flavors of the Super Boltar, it even feels like the cocoa powder burns the tongue. So all in all this sounds vaguely unpleasant, right? No! They're super addictive and the combination of three layers balance one another perfectly. These Icelandic sweets are absolutely addictive! Why are these not sold in the United States? Candy purveyors, please take note! Thanks, Adam!

Score: 4

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  1. I've just discovered this blog and have been enjoying the reviews.
    I just wanted to say that the powder on the outside of these choc-covered licorice pieces is not cocoa, but licorice.