Thursday, June 5, 2014

Everything and The Kitchen Sink: Norway's Nidar Stratos Spragleknas

Nidar's Stratos Spragleknas chocolate bar has an awful lot going on. A layer of sweet milk chocolate surrounds a chocolate structure filled with air bubbles, much like the Aero Bar. Throw in a hefty dose of colorful miniature m&m-like candies and the Norwegian Spragleknas bar is born! It's good! It's a little overstimulating to consume between biting through chocolate air and crunching through a thick layer of m&m-type shells but it does feel strangely festive overall. I'd certainly eat one again. Thanks, Ginny!


  1. You are welcome! love you blog! - Ginny x

  2. I mean love YOUR blog! Clearly your name is not "blog"

  3. sorry the transatlantic trip battered it. Your photo still amazing (as always)