Saturday, June 28, 2014

Gummy Snapshot: Teeth, Skulls, Cerebellums, Hearts, and Frogs

 Maynards Discover Patch Body Bits

Uni Jelly Lovely Hearts

Haribo Quaxi Kurbaga (Frogs)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Norway's Läkerol Yup Salty Licorice Sugarfree Pastilles

These Läkerol Yup Salty Licorice Sugarfree Pastilles are an acquired taste, for sure. Upon popping one of the firm gummies into one's mouth, the salt is the first taste to register. Then the licorice rounds out the salt flavor, creating a potent blend. The blend is not delicious, not a taste one would seek out. However, these do successfully banish any other flavor that was lingering on the palate. Let's say you've consumed a hearty lunch that was heavy on the garlic. These small candies can make you instantly forget the recent garlic intake. Tuna fish sandwich? Banished! These are very effective breath fresheners and although they aren't particularly pleasant to consume they do leave the mouth feeling fresh and clean in a way that most breath mints don't. Add to the fact that they are sweetened with Stevia, my favorite sugar substitute, and they're a really good option over other breath fresheners. Thanks, Zach!

Score: 3

Friday, June 20, 2014

Traditional Belgian Sweets: Violet Cuberdon

Until recently, I had never heard of the cuberdon, a traditional Belgian cone-shaped candy exploding with violet syrup. They're unique to any other candy I've experienced! The sugar creates a surprisingly rigid mold to contain the floral syrup inside. The interior liquid tastes of real flowers, fresh and bright and evocative of sunshine. It's impossible to eat the cuberdon politely, as to bite into one means an immediate burst of sticky syrup. This is part of the charm of the candy, though, equalizing children and adults in the inevitable mess that results. It's so worth the sticky fingers. I was lucky enough to try some of the sweets brought directly from a good sweet shop in Brussels, La Belgique Gourmand. However, as my photos fail to capture the real jewel-like quality of the candies, I am also including an image via to capture the full experience of the special Belgian treat. Many thanks, Stijn!

image courtesy of

To read more about the cuberdon, click here to read an article from Reuters about "Belgium's Secret Sweet."

Friday, June 13, 2014

Icelandic Treats: Sambó Super Boltar

Wow, these mini morsels look so innocuous and yet they pack a massive punch! In a good way! It appears as if licorice is the foundation of the majority of Icelandic sweets. In the case of Sambó Super Boltar, a small piece of licorice, approximately the size of 1/2 an m&m, constitutes the center of each orb. Sweet melty milk chocolate surrounds the licorice and tempers the strident natural licorice flavor. Finally, the ball is dusted with a powder apparently comprised of unsweetened cocoa. However, don't picture a mug of steaming hot chocolate with this cocoa. Instead, imagine bitter cocoa nibs ground to powder. Not for the weak of heart! This stuff is potent and if you taste only the powder when not combined with the other flavors of the Super Boltar, it even feels like the cocoa powder burns the tongue. So all in all this sounds vaguely unpleasant, right? No! They're super addictive and the combination of three layers balance one another perfectly. These Icelandic sweets are absolutely addictive! Why are these not sold in the United States? Candy purveyors, please take note! Thanks, Adam!

Score: 4

Jason Mecier's Candylebrity: Celebrity Portraits in Candy

image courtesy of REX USA/ Jason Mecier/ Rex

Via today's Buzzfeed blog, click here to see an array of artist Jason Mecier's celebrity portraits made entirely of candy. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Greek Chocolate: Lacta Chocolate Bar

I was super excited to try my first Greek chocolate bar and Lacta did not disappoint. The bar is pleasingly designed so that the consumer can break it into small, easy-to-share pieces. The milk chocolate most nearly resembles Cadbury milk chocolate, very milky and melty and not too cloyingly sweet. The Lacta bar was consumed in its entirety almost instantly- the ultimate test. Thanks Mrs. Lykidis!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Everything and The Kitchen Sink: Norway's Nidar Stratos Spragleknas

Nidar's Stratos Spragleknas chocolate bar has an awful lot going on. A layer of sweet milk chocolate surrounds a chocolate structure filled with air bubbles, much like the Aero Bar. Throw in a hefty dose of colorful miniature m&m-like candies and the Norwegian Spragleknas bar is born! It's good! It's a little overstimulating to consume between biting through chocolate air and crunching through a thick layer of m&m-type shells but it does feel strangely festive overall. I'd certainly eat one again. Thanks, Ginny!