Thursday, May 29, 2014

La Colombe Workshop Traditional Coffee Caramel

La Colombe Workshop Traditional Coffee Caramel is total insanity in the very best way possible! The caramel is so thick it remains a rigid entity on a spoon and yet melts instantly in your mouth. There's definite substance to the stuff. A whole lot of finely ground coffee is laced throughout jar, balancing the sweet of the caramel with some raw coffee bean bite. There's caffeine in there, too, so the sugar and caffeine result in a little spike of energy after consumption. Always a bonus. You can spread the coffee caramel on toast or cookies or fruit, top ice cream with it, drop some in your coffee, or eat it straight from the spoon. The flavor works beautifully in an astounding array of combinations. The jar disappeared all-too-quickly. Thanks, Conor and Ronan!

Score: 5

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