Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fox's Rocky Rugged Chocolate Bar

Elegant in its simplicity, the Rocky Rugged Chocolate Bar is an ideal two-to-three bite treat. The chocolate bar is created by Fox's Biscuits (since 1853!) and is comprised of a simple buttery cookie smothered in rich milk chocolate. Which I admit sounds vaguely unexciting- there are a whole lot of variations on this theme on the market. But it's a great bite of buttery crunch blended with good milk chocolate. The biscuit is a little less dense than a Twix cookie, and there's a whole lot of chocolate piled onto the cookie. The Rocky Rugged Bar achieves the highest level of the chocolate-covered-biscuit form, elevating it from a cookie to a candy bar. Thanks, Evan!

Score: 4

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