Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Extra Dessert Delights Peach Cobbler Sugarfree Gum

I love this entire line of Extra Dessert Delights Sugarfree Gum! The flavors are unique and whimsical and surprisingly realistic. Real beloved desserts. This Peach Cobbler flavor is no different. Heavy cinnamon blends with a base of syrupy peach, reflecting the flavor of a real peach cobbler perfectly! In a stick of sugarfree gum! As with the others, the flavor fades really quickly so you're bound to complete the pack in a flash. Buy five packs just to start. Also, the peach cobbler flavor can be a little heavy. If you want refreshing gum, this is not the right choice. If you want to clear your palate, don't choose this one. But if you want to recreate the taste of fresh baked goods in your mouth without the calories, pick up a pack (or five) now!

Score: 4

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