Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Nidar IFA Salt Lakris Salty Licorice

Nidar IFA Salty Licorice has been around in Norway since 1930. The soft licorice candies were originally endorsed by Ivar F. Andresen, a well-known opera singer from the period- hence the name, IFA. Maybe these are better described as lozenges than candies, as I can see why an opera singer would like these but perhaps not a child looking for a sugar rush. They're not sweet. Instead, you get a slow-to-disolve tough little black gummy that tastes so strongly of real licorice mixed with salt and a tiny bit of sweet. The tablets do really soothe the throat, though, and completely knock out bad breath. In the right circumstances, the taste of Nidar IFA Salt Lakris peps you right up and makes your throat feel great. As long as you've got water nearby, these are fantastic, but you certainly can't snack upon them like m&m's.Thanks, Zack!

Click here to read a great history of the IFA Salty Licorice Pastille

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