Friday, March 21, 2014

Retro Candy and Sweet Memories: Nancy Adams 1980's Nostalgic Candy Mix

Opening this box of Nancy Adams 1980's Nostalgic Candy is tantamount to a time machine into the sweets of my childhood. Atomic Fireballs, Jawbreakers, Wonka Giant Chewy Sweetarts (those were a big deal when they arrived on the market), Laffy Taffy, Hubba Bubba Bubble Tap, Ring Pops, and then my very favorite of all, the candy that lead obsessivesweets down a sugary path to no return, Pixy Stix!! (Remember those foot-long mega Pixy Stix? And jumping off the walls after mainlining the entire thing? Then feeling vile as the sugar crash set it? Oh I loved those mega massive foot-long Pixy Stix!). Thanks, Matt, for finding this lens into candy history and personal nostalgia. It's refreshing to rediscover one's roots.

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  1. What are Trapper Keepers? And whose mom had a perm? But I DO remember the candy and your interaction with it. xo, Mom