Monday, February 24, 2014

Easter Candy is Upon Us: Wonka Sweetarts Bunny Gummies

We've only just wrapped up Valentine's Day, but the drugstore shelves are already overflowing with Easter Candy treats. To usher in the candy season we will begin with Wonka Sweetarts Bunny Gummies. I love Sweetarts but that particular tangy chalky flavor doesn't work as well in gummy form. Beautiful colors and I like the tart sugar coating, but I probably wouldn't opt for these as a favored gummy treat. A really cute topping for an Easter-themed cupcake or cake, but don't choose them for the flavor....

Note: I realize now that I reviewed Wonka Sweetarts Bunny Gummies back in 2010 and they were totally different, much closer to a Sour Patch Kid in size and color and consistency that now. Click here to compare the new version with the old....

Score: 3

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