Thursday, January 23, 2014

Valentine's Day Treats: Palmer Cuddly Cuties Cool Dawg

I'm already overwhelmed by the mountainous array of Valentine's Day candy treats that must be tasted this year. As far as problems go, though, this isn't so bad. Palmer Cuddly Cuties are a Valentine's classic. Not because of their taste, of course, which is not chocolate but rather "chocolaty candy." The candy isn't horrendous but you can't expect a luxurious cocoa experience. The shapes of the Palmer holiday candies, though, are some of the most imaginative and whimsical on the market. Not to mention the most affordable. I love this Cool Dawg. He was not terribly delicious but I smile every time I see the photo. It's worth picking up one or two of these Cuddly Cuties....

Score (visual): 4
Score (taste): 2

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