Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Culture Worldwide: Hungarian Szaloncukor, the Holiday Christmas Tree Candy

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This is a great article explaining the Hungarian tradition of szaloncukor candies, a traditional candy hung on the annual Christmas Tree. The name translates to "drawing-room sugar" because of the fact that the Christmas Tree is usually placed in the drawing room and the candies are the primary means of decorations. Therefore, the candies come in a beautiful array of colorful paper or foil wrappers for the holidays. Reader Kamala, who lived in Hungary, states that the candy itself is an acquired taste, with a number of flavored jelly fillings. I'd love to hear more reactions from people who have tried the traditional Hungarian sweet. Are there places in NYC to acquire these Christmas bonbons? Thanks for the tip, Kamala!

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  1. There are non-jelly ones as well that I liked better - marzipan, maybe, and some sort of non-fruit fondant. -Kamala