Wednesday, December 25, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Candy, Day 12: Gingerbread Twix!

Happy 12th Day of Christmas Candy! And Merry Christmas! I'm ending the holiday series with a favorite, this year's new Gingerbread Twix! Surprising! Unique! Addictive! I find it strange that a cookie-based candy bar didn't make the obvious move and place a band of caramel over a piece of gingerbread cookie. That would have been divine. They should really try it. But in the end, the Gingerbread Twix consists of a traditional shortbread cookie with a layer of gingerbread flavor-infused caramel. I would never identify the resulting caramel flavor as gingerbread, but the substance is delicious nonetheless. It tastes vaguely fruity, like a combination of ginger and clove and nutmeg. That combination of spices blends beautifully with the traditional candy bar. I wish Twix could make these all year long and just call them something else. Perhaps Spiced Twix. They're wonderful.

Score: 5

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