Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Christmas Holiday Peeps Preview: Sugar Cookie Peeps Dipped in Milk Chocolate

Peeps released a preview of their Christmas 2013 line and I was so intrigued to see the addition of a Sugar Cookie flavored Peep dipped in Milk Chocolate. I wrote to Just Born asking how to get my hands on some and in a Christmas miracle, the Sugar Cookie Peeps arrived at my door. Amazing- thanks, Just Born! These are really tasty. I gave a number of people the Peeps to test and when asked to describe the flavor, I heard: "extra vanilla"; "a little almond"; "vanilla fruity?"; "gingerbread"; and "cinnamon nutmeg". In other words, not one person could accurately identify it as Sugar Cookie but across the board everyone liked the mysterious and festive flavor. Overall, it emanates a note of "vanilla spice" that is evocative of Winter and the Christmas holiday. I'll certainly eat more of these particular Peeps when I can get my hands on them in stores.

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