Thursday, October 24, 2013

Spooky Halloween Sweets: Cadbury Crunchy Spiders, Milk Chocolate with Green Crisped Rice Balls

Hooray! Cadbury can't really go wrong when it comes to Halloween candy! It all simply tastes so good. These Crunchy Spiders are beauties. A three-bite milk chocolate treat with crunchy little crisped rice balls suspended inside in the form of a spider's body. I'm especially into the fact that there are hairs scored into the chocolate. Spoooooky! (Ok, cute). The only thing I would criticize is the fact that the rice crisps are a vaguely puce-tinged green or yellow. They're tiny so the color doesn't really stand out from the brown chocolate. maybe they're supposed to look like little green pustules? As you can see from the photo, it's a half-hearted effort at green coloring- maybe if it had been a more fervent shade of green it would have been an enjoyable element of the candy? Cadbury didn't need to venture into food coloring- the spider is perfect without. I bought these in England recently and so wish I could find them in NYC, too.

Score: 5

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  1. From now on, when I want to control my appetite for sweets, I am going to think of the word PUCE.