Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween Sweets: Jelly Belly & Disney Create Vile Villains Series, Evil Apple Mix

About a week back, I introduced the Treasure Chest/ Captain Hook Mix in the Jelly Belly and Disney Collaboration, the Vile Villains series of jelly bean mixes. Now I've taste-tested two of these limited edition mixes created for Halloween, and the latest is fantastic. I loved the Evil Queen / Evil Apple Mix, consisting of three flavors of Jelly Belly Apple flavors- Green Apple, Sour Apple, and Red Apple. None of them are a surprise, and all are delicious and compliment one another. I ate this handful of jelly beans in about 30 seconds flat. I only wish I could remember where I purchased them so I could go get more. Delicious!

Score: 4

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