Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Maple Cream Frenzy: An Ode; An Obsession

Past blog posts have extolled the merits of maple as nature's finest flavor. It's no secret that I lose my mind over maple anything. The reason that there are so few posts about maple products on obsessivesweets is that I can rarely get any of them in front of a camera before they are consumed. Really, I can't keep the stuff around the house- it's my crack. So I offer here a brief roundup of the incredible maple delights I've consumed of late. There's no sense in reviewing them. They're all fives. I can't cast a critical eye on anything maple. It's all too good. 

 This array of maple products drove me wild. (From Thanks, Ben!)  
 (Maple City Candy, St. Albans, Vermon)

Pinnacle Chocolate's Maple Milk Chocolate Bar is an intense chocolate bar. I tend to think of maple as a hearty full flavor, never as a secondary supporting one. But it works in this chocolate bar. This is a very light milk chocolate infused with maple sugar infused through the bar. The almost bitter chocolate hits your tastebuds first, followed up by warmer maple notes. I loved it, and it's totally unique to anything I've tasted.

(Strawberry Hills Farms, Maine. Thanks, Conor and Ronan!)

(Fuller's Sugarhouse and Hunter & Hilsberg. Shout-out to Ben!)

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  1. Your maple obsession is inherited. Now I am absolutely drooling over these selections. You have really good friends!