Friday, September 20, 2013

(At Long Last, Straight from the Wishlist...) White Chocolate Carrot Cake m&m's: Wow

Sometimes dreams do come true! I'm a big fan [understatement] of all things Carrot Cake. Truth be told, I didn't know anything but real carrot cake came in carrot cake flavor. But if I had known I would have been pushing the idea far more insistently. My wedding cake was carrot cake- that says it all, no? Forget chocolate, forget strawberries or ganache or schmancy layers of flavor. Carrot cake spells romance to me. I tried to find these new limited edition Carrot Cake m&m's everywhere; to no avail. But then the fine ladies of the Metropolitan procured them for me- like angels using their highly refined research skills to bring me the best of all possible sugar combinations. And guess what. These white-chocolate based Carrot Cake m&m's are incredible. It's certainly the most nuanced m&m flavor I've ever encountered. And it truly gets at the heart of what makes carrot cake delicious- cinnamon and spices and carrots and cream cheese. One caveat, these babies are sweet. They would make most hot cocoa or fudge taste a little bitter. The first bite is true perfection. By the third or fourth bite, one might feel a bit dizzy or stressed from the total sensory assault of sugar. Most people who tried these said that they were in disbelief over how close the taste comes to real carrot cake. However, these same souls all announced that one can only imbibe a small quantity of the flavor before becoming a bit ill. I still love them. Besides original, and my other classic favorite, peanut butter, these are my favorite m&m's ever. [Click here to read 31 past entries on flavored m&m's]

Score: (resounding) 5 (!)

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  1. The tooth fairy left a small sandwich bag of these in my fridge. I shall eat them next Wednesday!