Monday, August 12, 2013

Turkish Treats: Ulker Dankek 8 Kek Cikolata - Muz (Chocolate Banana Cake)

These photos don't adequately capture the cool aspects of Ulker's Dankek 8Kek Cokolata-Muz treat. Basically, this individually portioned cake is produced in the shape of a figure eight; one side features chocolate cake with banana cream center whereas the other side features banana cake with chocolate cream center. It's a great idea! And I loved the banana pudding-like filling, which made me concerned about the lack of banana-flavored sweets in the world. I feel we are under-utilizing the banana in candy, especially after combining it with chocolate. Do any readers know of good candy that includes banana in its flavor profile? I liked the whole idea of the infinity cake, as I took to calling it. Instead of a figure-8, I choose to believe that the Ulker Dankek is produced in the shape of the infinity symbol in order to drive home the concept of infinite cake possibilities. It's a beautiful message. That said, the execution was a tad less sublime- I would have preferred double the cream fillings and perhaps a less crumbly cake recipe. Next time Ulker should spring for moist cake and more filling! Thanks for finding this, Will and Ben!

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