Friday, August 2, 2013

Divine Chocolate Bar with 70% Dark Chocolate and Raspberries: Heavenly Chocolate with a Heart

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At work I am often given the opportunity to sample a wide variety of fancy chocolates and sweets. Colleagues travel around the world and bring back such exciting samplings! A recent new product unveiled at work is the Divine Chocolate Bar, a mixture of 70% Dark Chocolate with Raspberries. As with all fancy chocolate brands, there is a company motto: "Heavenly Chocolate with a heart." I loved the packaging, an enticing printed sheath of paper. I loved the freeze-dried raspberries suspended throughout the dark chocolate. And there were a lot of raspberries- no skimping by Divine Chocolate. They added a nice crunch and the tart fruit mixed nicely with dark chocolate. My only complaint. 70% chocolate doesn't appear to melt at all in one's mouth. In fact, I chewed and chewed and although the chocolate pieces got smaller and smaller and more mixed with the raspberry, I never got that pleasant mouth full of melty chocolate and mixins melange. I would have preferred a more corrupted 50 or 60% dark chocolate with a little more meltage. This was certainly a pleasure to try, though. I'm going to start seeking out raspberry infused chocolate bars....

Score: 3

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