Friday, August 23, 2013

Baron Milk Chocolate PB&J's

I should have known better, but I had such high hopes for the Kosher Baron Milk Chocolate PB&J Chocolate Bar. I truly do not believe that there is a better flavor combination in the world than peanut and jelly with chocolate on top. And Kosher candy bars can be really good. And I like this individual mini bar wrapping scheme. Each mini bar in the package is 60 calories so although indulgent, there's a portion size you can refer to if you feel like adhering to a healthy diet. Unfortunately, the peanut butter filling tasted nothing like peanuts! I don't know what nut constituted the base of this filling but it was not at all delicious. The jelly filling was veritably flavorless. The candy bar had such potential. It was the first I'd seen on the market really filling this niche that I long for. So I give Baron kudos for creativity but am awaiting a better execution of this brilliant candy bar by Baron or some other candy bar company. Please create a peanut butter and jelly candy bar I can believe in!

Score: 2


  1. Hi! We are working on a new version of the PB&J Bar. Can we send you current product for you to review?

  2. I'd love to try! Please let me know how to contact you off-line!