Thursday, July 11, 2013

White Chocolate m&m's

Feh! These White Chocolate m&m's are so sweet! m&m's has produced some interesting white chocolate-based flavors in the past- white chocolate candy corn, white chocolate peppermint, and white chocolate carrot cake to name a few. The white chocolate makes a great base flavor to add onto. Sadly, when left alone it is eye wateringly sweet, with a strangely fruity taste to the white chocolate. I like white chocolate that really leans on the milky notes and doesn't rely on being sweet instead of bringing substantive flavor. This is not that good white chocolate. This is flavor-base chocolate, on which something else should be stacked. Perhaps m&m's could produce a flavor that is half dark chocolate and half white chocolate inside each m&m? Like a Hershey's Hug? While not my favorite version of the m&m, I applaud the company's attempts to branch out and can't wait to taste test their next new flavor!

Score: 2

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