Saturday, July 27, 2013

Peeps Sweet Lemonade Marshmallow Chicks

I'm a long-time fan of pretty much any and every variation of the Peeps line. It's just hard to go wrong with them. (See 26 past Peeps entries by clicking here). It was so exciting to hear that Peeps has branched out even further and introduced two new flavors, Bubble Gum and Lemonade Flavored Marshmallows, both in Chick form. I couldn't find them anywhere; luckily, a plaintive note to Just Born declaring myself a genuinely bereft candy blogger and soon samples arrived at my door (Thanks, Just Born! You're wonderful!).

The Sweet Lemonade Marshmallow Chicks are totally delicious. The marshmallow remains a fresh and pure vanilla. Clear yellow sugar crystals adhere to the marshmallow exteriors, not only lending a bit of color but also providing a surprisingly strong arrow of sour lemon onto the tongue. While chewing on the marshmallow the mellow vanilla combines with the citrus burst really nicely. I'm a fan of lemon candy in general but this was an exceptionally good one. Plus it's nice that these Lemonade Peeps benefit Alex's Lemonade Stand, a foundation fighting childhood cancer. (I believe that Mike and Ikes teamed up with Alex's Lemonade Stand before, too. Read my blog review by clicking here.)

Score: 5

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