Saturday, July 27, 2013

Peeps Bubble Gum Flavored Marshmallow Chicks

The new Peeps Bubble Gum flavored marshmallow chicks are really surprising. I was a little scared of them, frankly. They are a strident pink, not the least bit subtle. And although I love chewing bubble gum, artificial bubble gum flavor can be pretty gross. Plus I equate it with flouride treatments at the dentist. What was good about these Bubble Gum Peeps is that they incorporate a really light and almost fruity bubble gum flavor. It was totally unexpected. Instead of being hit over the head with Bubble Gum the marshmallows taste mostly of vanilla in the first bite, with a bubble gum taste entering almost as a coda. I liked them! I tried feeding these to a few people to see their reactions. Across the board people were scared upon seeing the product- Bubble Gum marshmallows are just hard to wrap one's head around. But pretty much everyone was surprised by how light and pleasing the flavor was. Except for one friend who has taken to calling them "chemical boats." But those were her first Peeps and I think she's going to come around....
Score: 4

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  1. Your mother requests samples of the Lemonaide and the Bubble Gum chicks as well as the Mile and Ike's lemonade. Anonymous.