Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mike and Ike Tropical Typhoon

I previously wrote a review of Mike and Ike's Tropical Typhoon (read blog entry here). Although the review covered my emotions about the new Mike and Ike flavors, the photographs were just terrible and I believe that these pretty candies deserve a pretty picture! Mike and Ikes, classic mix, are amazing. These Tropical Typhoons aren't so awfully bad except in comparison with the classic. I'm picky, though, and these tastes are super subjective. I loved the Caribbean Punch, Paradise Punch, and Mango flavors. The Banana-infused flavors, though, were disgusting. I don't believe in banana flavored gummies in general. It never works. I know, it's my problem- artificial banana is inherently repulsive. In other words, consuming these Mike and Ikes took an awful lot of sorting the good flavors from the bad. I really liked the good flavors, but would rather mindlessly throw handfuls of classic flavor Mike and Ikes into my mouth any day. In that mix, every flavor is perfection!

Score: 3 

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