Monday, July 22, 2013

Colombian Sweets: Frito Lay Chocolate and Corn Chokis

I had low expectations for Frito Lay Chokis and that wasn't fair. I was wary for two reasons. First, do corn and chocolate really pair well? (Doubtful). And second, the packaging seems awfully small- a few bites of sweet at most. Despite all reservations, I loved every bite of the puffed corn balls covered in chocolate and the package was the perfect size. Surprise! Chokis taste like malted milk balls, but instead of the mellow malt flavor the crunchy interior carries a light salty corn taste. In fact, Chokis offered the salt and chocolate trend that's so hot right now long before it was considered artful or gourmet to pair the two. It's a bit like eating a piece of Pirate's Booty (without the cheddar powder) covered in a thin layer of milk chocolate. I'd still most likely purchase malt balls over these, but these Chokis offer a slight flavor variation that's rare in American candy and surprisingly tasty.

Score: 3

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