Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Added to Wish List: Klondike Mint Chocolate Chip and Caramel Candy Bars

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Today's Impulsive Buy blog brings news of a new candy product, a non-frozen candy version of the classic Klondike Ice Cream Bar (see blog announcement here)! Wow! They've been released in two flavors: Caramel and Mint Chocolate Chip. I can't even imagine what the mint chocolate chip candy tastes like or what its texture is like. I also can't imagine the faux-chocolate-like coating from the ice cream bar working well in any other context. So yes, I'm wary. But at the same time I must procure some of these to try! It could very well constitute a whole new world of delight! 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mike and Ike Tropical Typhoon

I previously wrote a review of Mike and Ike's Tropical Typhoon (read blog entry here). Although the review covered my emotions about the new Mike and Ike flavors, the photographs were just terrible and I believe that these pretty candies deserve a pretty picture! Mike and Ikes, classic mix, are amazing. These Tropical Typhoons aren't so awfully bad except in comparison with the classic. I'm picky, though, and these tastes are super subjective. I loved the Caribbean Punch, Paradise Punch, and Mango flavors. The Banana-infused flavors, though, were disgusting. I don't believe in banana flavored gummies in general. It never works. I know, it's my problem- artificial banana is inherently repulsive. In other words, consuming these Mike and Ikes took an awful lot of sorting the good flavors from the bad. I really liked the good flavors, but would rather mindlessly throw handfuls of classic flavor Mike and Ikes into my mouth any day. In that mix, every flavor is perfection!

Score: 3 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Peeps Bubble Gum Flavored Marshmallow Chicks

The new Peeps Bubble Gum flavored marshmallow chicks are really surprising. I was a little scared of them, frankly. They are a strident pink, not the least bit subtle. And although I love chewing bubble gum, artificial bubble gum flavor can be pretty gross. Plus I equate it with flouride treatments at the dentist. What was good about these Bubble Gum Peeps is that they incorporate a really light and almost fruity bubble gum flavor. It was totally unexpected. Instead of being hit over the head with Bubble Gum the marshmallows taste mostly of vanilla in the first bite, with a bubble gum taste entering almost as a coda. I liked them! I tried feeding these to a few people to see their reactions. Across the board people were scared upon seeing the product- Bubble Gum marshmallows are just hard to wrap one's head around. But pretty much everyone was surprised by how light and pleasing the flavor was. Except for one friend who has taken to calling them "chemical boats." But those were her first Peeps and I think she's going to come around....
Score: 4

Peeps Sweet Lemonade Marshmallow Chicks

I'm a long-time fan of pretty much any and every variation of the Peeps line. It's just hard to go wrong with them. (See 26 past Peeps entries by clicking here). It was so exciting to hear that Peeps has branched out even further and introduced two new flavors, Bubble Gum and Lemonade Flavored Marshmallows, both in Chick form. I couldn't find them anywhere; luckily, a plaintive note to Just Born declaring myself a genuinely bereft candy blogger and soon samples arrived at my door (Thanks, Just Born! You're wonderful!).

The Sweet Lemonade Marshmallow Chicks are totally delicious. The marshmallow remains a fresh and pure vanilla. Clear yellow sugar crystals adhere to the marshmallow exteriors, not only lending a bit of color but also providing a surprisingly strong arrow of sour lemon onto the tongue. While chewing on the marshmallow the mellow vanilla combines with the citrus burst really nicely. I'm a fan of lemon candy in general but this was an exceptionally good one. Plus it's nice that these Lemonade Peeps benefit Alex's Lemonade Stand, a foundation fighting childhood cancer. (I believe that Mike and Ikes teamed up with Alex's Lemonade Stand before, too. Read my blog review by clicking here.)

Score: 5

Monday, July 22, 2013

Colombian Sweets: Frito Lay Chocolate and Corn Chokis

I had low expectations for Frito Lay Chokis and that wasn't fair. I was wary for two reasons. First, do corn and chocolate really pair well? (Doubtful). And second, the packaging seems awfully small- a few bites of sweet at most. Despite all reservations, I loved every bite of the puffed corn balls covered in chocolate and the package was the perfect size. Surprise! Chokis taste like malted milk balls, but instead of the mellow malt flavor the crunchy interior carries a light salty corn taste. In fact, Chokis offered the salt and chocolate trend that's so hot right now long before it was considered artful or gourmet to pair the two. It's a bit like eating a piece of Pirate's Booty (without the cheddar powder) covered in a thin layer of milk chocolate. I'd still most likely purchase malt balls over these, but these Chokis offer a slight flavor variation that's rare in American candy and surprisingly tasty.

Score: 3

Monday, July 15, 2013

Ahem. Twinkies Have Returned (with a Longer Shelf Life).

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Twinkies are back!! With a few small changes. Basically, the new Twinkies are a tiny bit smaller and thus contain a few less calories. Also, the new Twinkies have almost double the shelf life of the originals! 
To read about the new Twinkie, click here to go to Buzzfeed.....

Ring Pop Gummies

I assume that most Obsessivesweets readers have experienced the childhood thrill of working one's way through an original Ring Pop. It's not about the flavor; it's about the process and aesthetic. The colored translucent lollipop glimmers a little like a jewel and it's a simple and fun concept that never really gets old. Now Ring Pops are being produced as gummy candies and they're still pretty great. They come in the original Ring Pop flavors of very artificial Cherry, Strawberry, Watermelon and Blue Raspberry. Like the lollipops, it's not about the flavoring. The gummies have a nice soft texture and you can still stretch them over your fingers and play at having a hand full of diamonds! A nice way to extend the Ring Pop line!

Score: 3

Thursday, July 11, 2013

White Chocolate m&m's

Feh! These White Chocolate m&m's are so sweet! m&m's has produced some interesting white chocolate-based flavors in the past- white chocolate candy corn, white chocolate peppermint, and white chocolate carrot cake to name a few. The white chocolate makes a great base flavor to add onto. Sadly, when left alone it is eye wateringly sweet, with a strangely fruity taste to the white chocolate. I like white chocolate that really leans on the milky notes and doesn't rely on being sweet instead of bringing substantive flavor. This is not that good white chocolate. This is flavor-base chocolate, on which something else should be stacked. Perhaps m&m's could produce a flavor that is half dark chocolate and half white chocolate inside each m&m? Like a Hershey's Hug? While not my favorite version of the m&m, I applaud the company's attempts to branch out and can't wait to taste test their next new flavor!

Score: 2