Friday, June 14, 2013

Wishlist Fulfilled: The New m&m's Milk Chocolate Bar

How can an m&m's chocolate bar go wrong? m&m's are America's favorite candy, and to suspend mini-m&m's in a bar of m&m chocolate just seems like a sure bet. The candy bar was tasty and I really liked the crunch of the mini m&m's. It did make me realize, however, that the appeal of m&m's is not in the chocolate but rather in the combination of the crunchy shell with the chocolate. Especially if the chocolate has melted a bit within the shell. In bar form, the fact that the chocolate within each m&m isn't awfully milky but instead that corn syrup heavy taste stands out more. It's not the chocolate bar I'd automatically reach for. That said, it's tasty enough and I applaud the fact that the m&m brand continues to innovate new products. Variations on such a classic and perfect product as the m&m are bound to produce further brilliance. I can't wait to see what's next!

Score: 3

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  1. they could have thought a little more befor printing wrists... i laughed ... they look more like other body parts... lol