Thursday, June 6, 2013

Help Design the New Ben & Jerry's Flavors: Cast Your Vote Now!

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I rarely include ice cream on obsessivesweets- not because I don't feel passionately about the stuff but because I believe that it is an area of focus in itself. Ice Cream deserves a lot of attention and passion and so I must leave it to others to dig into. That said, when really exciting news erupts in the world of ice cream, I cannot resist passing along the good word. Ben & Jerry's is allowing the general public to help design its Ice Cream Flavor homages to American cities: New York, D.C., Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco. They have released a webpage in which the public can vote between a number of flavor themes they are considering. As a proud New York resident I want to participate and started voting immediately. In fact, you can vote as many times as you'd like so weigh in- make your voice count! (I won't mention what I cast my vote for in the New York City flavor as I wouldn't want to create a bias. However, doesn't it seem like a city such as this runs on Coffee? Just saying!)

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