Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Enough With the Cronut Already!

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Enough with the Cronut already! I haven't even tried one yet and have already gone from curiosity and intrigue to annoyance. Like the cupcake craze of yore, New Yorkers can mess up even the nicest pastry experience. We've all read about the Cronut- it's inescapable. This doughnut crossed with a croissant was dreamed up at Dominique Ansel Bakery (click here to read Ansel's description of the Cronut). It's a great idea! I'm sure it's delicious! But then we had to go and ruin it by doing our New York City thing. Reports of Cronut scalpers, Cronut knockoffs, people skipping work and important life events to stand in line for the deep fried treat. Enough already! Today's gothamist blog reports people sleeping outside the bakery to assure the purchase of the $5 Cronut (click here to read article). I would do almost anything for a really good sweet. But I choose to draw the line here. 

CLICK HERE to read a great article from the New Yorker blog about the experience of paying $80 for 4 Cronuts from a Craigslist scalper.


  1. Just this morning, here behind the redwood curtain in Northern California, I was wondering "What is a cronut?" Thanks. Sincerely, Behind the Times

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