Monday, June 3, 2013

Atelier La Colombe Morning Break Milk Chocolate and Coffee Bar

I'm a huge fan of La Colombe coffee and recently my friends Conor and Ronan introduced me to the Philadelphia coffee purveyor's Morning Break Milk Chocolate Bar, which seals the deal of La Colombe as simply The Best. Consisting of 35% cacao and 10% coffee, this bar is perfection. This chocolate bar has everything I could dream of: from the thoughtful paper wrapping to the delicate stamp on each chocolate square, from the light bitter crunch of tenderized coffee beans suspended in chocolate to the delightfully melty milk chocolate base, from the retroactive caffeine buzz to the speedier chocolate sugar rush. I have yet to find one of these bars for sale in NYC, although La Colombe's products are steadily spreading in distribution outside of Philadelphia. Thanks, Conor and Ronan!

Score: 5

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