Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wrigley Alert Energy Caffeine Gum Banned: I'm Chewing Some Now

Caffeine is being incorporated into all kinds of products. I'm a big fan of caffeine but tend to feel that a cup of coffee will suffice. I don't want to get fancy with a caffeine-infused toothbrush in the morning or eating caffeine-infused popcorn as a snack (did not make up either of those products). So it's not surprising that Wrigley hopped on the bandwagon and came out with a caffeine-infused gum called "Alert Energy." Gum and caffeine make some good sense as a combination for quick energy. The gum was released this month and has already been recalled, however. Click here to read a cnn blog article about the stop-production order. I understand why people worry that kids could o.d. on the stuff. It's easy to keep popping gum into your mouth, and the total caffeine content of a pack equals 4 cups of coffee. But as an innocent bystander who would certainly consider buying a pack of caffeine-infused gum, I thought the stuff was pretty great! (It's still for sale at my local bodega. I might stock up on a few packs...). It tastes like berry-infused aspirin. This is not delicious, and that seems proper (and like a good way to keep kids from consuming a ton of it). But the consistency is nice and I felt peppier and pretty great within minutes. It really works. Maybe it shouldn't be marketed in the candy aisle. If it were placed next to the No-Doz instead of the Juicy Fruit, I think the problem would largely disappear.

Score (effectiveness): 5
Score (would I buy more): 5
Score (questionable health factor): 1

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  1. This is your mother. Stop chewing that gum IMMEDIATELY! It sounds toxic. And, I feel like I have lost my innocence: caffeine-infused toothbrushes? Caffeine infused popcorn? The sky is falling.