Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Minamoto Kitchoan, New York: Chocolate Mochi

Wow. Mochi is not ordinarily my favorite treat- too chewy in texture and lacking in flavor. However, my Mom recently brought a beautiful box of chocolate mochi from Minamoto Kitchen, a "Wagashi" shop offering fine Japanese sweets intended for pairing with tea, and my mind was blown. This mochi, called Syocoramochi has a for more delicate and light texture than any I've tasted before, and a chocolate cream burst from the center constitutes a perfect surprise- rich and flavorful. The mochi ball is rolled in a rich dusting of chocolate that adds a subtle bitter note to offset all of the sweet. I loved these. Thanks, Mom!

Score (Flavor): 5
Score (Mochi Epiphany Moment): 5

1 comment:

  1. Wow: perfect 5's. I can't wait to taste it. Did you know they have a store in San Francisco also? Your photos of the packaging and the ultimate unveiling are picture perfect. You should send your review to Minamoto Kitchoan! xo, Mom