Friday, May 10, 2013

Be Still My Heart: Loki m&m's!!!


I'm not sure that this unique m&m's product will hold the same mass appeal for others as it does for me. These m&m's, however, constitute the coolest candy ever. They are customized with two portraits of my magnificent dog Loki! He's right there, grinning on the face of the m&m's! Loki and candy rank way up there on my list of favorite things and so this combination is pretty unbelievable. My astute Mother spotted a Groupon where for $15 you receive $30 worth of personalized m&m's from I'm plotzing.

Score (visuals): off the charts (it's Loki after all)
Score (taste): 5 (classic m&m's)

1 comment:

  1. Loki looks soooooo sweet as an M&M enhancement!! Where did you find that m on top of the bowl for the first photo? When do I get to sample Loki as a candy deserving of his magnificence? xo, Mom