Monday, May 20, 2013

I Was Right; or, Put Down That Cupcake

image courtesy of jezebel

Over the past few years of the obsessivesweets blog, I have tried to focus on positive aspects of the world of sweets. There is really only one sugary trend that I have actively opined: cutesie cupcakeries. Feh. (Click here to read 10 past blog posts I wrote decrying the annoying trend). I'm so happy to report that the Wall Street Journal has finally reported that cupcake shops are crashing and burning, leaving room for actual baked good innovation and imagination in their wake. It's a whole new world of sweets potential. Thanks to the Wall Street Journal for making my day far better! Now bring on the Cronut shops!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wrigley Alert Energy Caffeine Gum Banned: I'm Chewing Some Now

Caffeine is being incorporated into all kinds of products. I'm a big fan of caffeine but tend to feel that a cup of coffee will suffice. I don't want to get fancy with a caffeine-infused toothbrush in the morning or eating caffeine-infused popcorn as a snack (did not make up either of those products). So it's not surprising that Wrigley hopped on the bandwagon and came out with a caffeine-infused gum called "Alert Energy." Gum and caffeine make some good sense as a combination for quick energy. The gum was released this month and has already been recalled, however. Click here to read a cnn blog article about the stop-production order. I understand why people worry that kids could o.d. on the stuff. It's easy to keep popping gum into your mouth, and the total caffeine content of a pack equals 4 cups of coffee. But as an innocent bystander who would certainly consider buying a pack of caffeine-infused gum, I thought the stuff was pretty great! (It's still for sale at my local bodega. I might stock up on a few packs...). It tastes like berry-infused aspirin. This is not delicious, and that seems proper (and like a good way to keep kids from consuming a ton of it). But the consistency is nice and I felt peppier and pretty great within minutes. It really works. Maybe it shouldn't be marketed in the candy aisle. If it were placed next to the No-Doz instead of the Juicy Fruit, I think the problem would largely disappear.

Score (effectiveness): 5
Score (would I buy more): 5
Score (questionable health factor): 1

Friday, May 10, 2013

Be Still My Heart: Loki m&m's!!!


I'm not sure that this unique m&m's product will hold the same mass appeal for others as it does for me. These m&m's, however, constitute the coolest candy ever. They are customized with two portraits of my magnificent dog Loki! He's right there, grinning on the face of the m&m's! Loki and candy rank way up there on my list of favorite things and so this combination is pretty unbelievable. My astute Mother spotted a Groupon where for $15 you receive $30 worth of personalized m&m's from I'm plotzing.

Score (visuals): off the charts (it's Loki after all)
Score (taste): 5 (classic m&m's)

Wish List: m&m's Chocolate Bar!

image courtesy of theimpulsivebuy

A new candy to add onto the wish list! Today's edition of The Impulsive Buy blog shows a new limited edition m&m's chocolate bar! No idea what's involved here, but I must try one. Any readers who find these for sale, please write in and let me know where!! Hooray for m&m's attempting an entirely new product line! (I am already dreaming of their Peanut Butter m&m chocolate bar! When will that exist?)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Minamoto Kitchoan, New York: Chocolate Mochi

Wow. Mochi is not ordinarily my favorite treat- too chewy in texture and lacking in flavor. However, my Mom recently brought a beautiful box of chocolate mochi from Minamoto Kitchen, a "Wagashi" shop offering fine Japanese sweets intended for pairing with tea, and my mind was blown. This mochi, called Syocoramochi has a for more delicate and light texture than any I've tasted before, and a chocolate cream burst from the center constitutes a perfect surprise- rich and flavorful. The mochi ball is rolled in a rich dusting of chocolate that adds a subtle bitter note to offset all of the sweet. I loved these. Thanks, Mom!

Score (Flavor): 5
Score (Mochi Epiphany Moment): 5