Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Alice in Wonderland Eat Me Fruit & Nut Bar

Let's face it, the Alice in Wonderland Eat Me Fruit and Nut Bar, distributed by the Unemployed Philosophers Guild, is all about the packaging. And what magical, fantastical, whimsical packaging it is!! Any fan of Alice in Wonderland would be thrilled to receive this bar- the jokes, the brainteasers, the quizzes. As a huge fan, myself, the packaging had me at hello. I didn't even care what product I was going to find inside as I had already received my money's worth. So yes, it's basically a high-end granola bar inside. Pleasant to eat, energizing mid-afternoon, but maybe it shouldn't really be classified as candy. Instead, it should be classified as a energy bar or granola bar. But I don't care- the entire experience of playing with the Eat Me bar was thrilling. Three cheers for the Unemployed Philosopher's Guild (Yes, I own their Freud Stuffed Doll, and someday I will own their Virginia Woolf doll, too!)

Score (Packaging): 5(+)
Score (Edibles): 3 

1 comment:

  1. Are the following Unemployed Philosophers Guild mints Collectors Items? After Rapture? Sin-O-Mints? Atonemints? I can't throw them out!