Saturday, March 30, 2013

Last Minute Easter Overview: Palmer Little Beauty Milk Chocolate Flavored Easter Bunny

Classic Easter Repost: Black Forest Juicy Oozers Gummy Cracked Eggs

I'm not normally the biggest fan of Black Forest gummy candies- they taste a little too "natural" or "healthy." However, I'm totally enraptured by the yellow lemon cream filling in these Black Forest Juicy Oozers Cracked Egg Gummy Candies- delicious!

Score: 3

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Limited Edition Strawberry 3 Musketeers with Dark Chocolate


In the past, I've reviewed limited edition 3 Musketeers Cherry and Marshmallow minis (read reviews here) and I loved them. This latest foray into special edition flavors wasn't quite as enticing. Strawberry 3 Musketeers are cloyingly sweet and so artificial in flavor that I couldn't get past one or two bite-sized minis (as compared to my compulsive indulgence in the past limited edition flavors). I do like the dark chocolate to offset the strawberry but nothing could offset this strawberry enough. I would have given these a score of 2. However, I brought the bag of minis to work and some colleagues enjoyed the overly-sweet sweets. All noted that they prefer the original to the strawberry but the bag did disappear very quickly. I hope 3 Musketeers will keep producing new and enticing flavors- there are a lot of possible variations that would be so decadent and delicious.

Score: 3

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Washington Post's Annual Peeps Show VIII: 2013 Diorama Contest Winners

photo courtesy

I look forward to the Washington Post's annual Peeps diorama contest every year. The imaginative brilliance continues with this year's Peeps Show VIII winners- enough said: witness at

Easter Treats: Palmer Milk Chocolate Flavored Bunnies & Carrots

I really like the whimsical nature of Palmer's Easter products. They are some of the most imaginative on the market (see past Palmer reviews here). That said, although these milk chocolate flavored bunnies and carrots for Easter are certainly festive, they just don't taste as good as the real milk chocolate products out there for Easter. Mockolate will never be chocolate and it can't even pretend. I do like the idea of the bunnies and carrots but just wish that Palmer would spring for the real chocolate and charge a little bit more.

Score: 2

Monday, March 18, 2013

Easter Treats: Palmer Chick-a-Dee Double Crisp

These Palmer Chick-a-Dee Double Crisps are so festive. Their entire line of holiday animals is fetching (see my review of Palmer's Cuddly Cuties Milky & Chocolaty Candy Monkey for Valentine's Day). As I wrote about before, you're going to be disappointed if you're expecting rich milk chocolate. It says right on the box: This chick is "Chocolaty Smooth...Crisp n' Crunchy Candy." It's pretty tasty, though. The mockolate melts nicely with the crispies and it carries an overall cocoa-butter flavor. It's not really about the taste, though- the whimsical presentation of the Palmer animals makes any Easter basket festive (or any lunchtime. Or snack time. Or at the movies...).

Score (Taste): 2
Score (Fun Factor): 4

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Alert! White Chocolate Carrot Cake m&m's Exist!

photo courtesy of theimpulsivebuy

Carrot Cake is my very favorite cake of all. It is with great enthusiasm that I relay the news from theimpulsivebuy's rave review that these limited edition White Chocolate Carrot Cake m&m's are currently being sold at Walmart. I need to get my hands on these as soon as possible- until then, I'll be reading every review possible. And please send in reader reviews. I need to live vicariously until I can get my mitts on a bag of Carrot Cake m&m's!

Russell Stover Kris P. Pretzel Chocolate Easter Bunny

These Russell Stover Kris P. Pretzel chocolate Easter bunnies filled with crumbled pretzels are so delicious! And unique! m&m's has delved into the chocolate and pretzel arena but this was very clever of Russell Stover to fill a chocolate bunny with the salty crunchy pieces. If anything, I wish that the chocolate had been dark rather than milk chocolate as I think it would have highlighted the pretzel a little more. But I've got no complaints and wish these were available all year long!

Score: 4

More Spring Peeps! Blue Chick Variety!

Adding to the Easter Peeps collection! Blue chicks!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Via LAist Blog: A Photographic Tour of See's Candy Factory, Los Angeles

I adore See's Candy in all of its incarnations- butterscotch lollipops, molasses chips, chocolate bonbons, peanut brittle, etc etc. Recently, the LAist blog ran the most scrumptious photo tour of the See's Candy Factory, along with a thoughtful article about the beloved candy company's history.

CLICK HERE to read the story on LAist- get ready for mouth-watering images.
CLICK HERE to see a past review of See's Molases Chips

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Russell Stover Iddy Biddy Bunnies: 60 Chocolate Mini Bunnies

Russell Stover's Iddy Biddy Bunnies packs an awful lot of tiny chocolate bunnies (60, to be exact) into a small package (a little bigger than a bag of skittles). They're good chocolate- not my favorite as it lacks some of the rich chocolaty sense of substance that I love in other major chocolate brands, but still nice and smooth and melty. I certainly enjoyed eating them. Highly recommended for Easter baskets!

Score: 3

m&m's Easter Tin

It's the exact size of two fun packs of m&m's (included with purchase) and it's awfully cute. Perfect for any Easter basket.

Easter Peeps

These sweet green chick Peeps are not new, but they're always wonderful. (Plus I really want to have a photos of every Peep variety and I was lacking the green chicks. Getting closer...)

Friday, March 8, 2013

New York Times: Peeps Celebrate 60th Anniversary and Best Year of Sales Yet

The American public can't get enough Peeps!! Today's New York Times features an article concerning the beloved marshmallow treats. Not only does 2013 mark the candy's 60th anniversary, but sales have never been higher.

To read about the hallowed history and bright future of the classic marshmallows in today's New York Times, click here.

And if you'd like to take a look at 21 past obsessivesweets blog entries celebrating Peeps, click here.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Alice in Wonderland Eat Me Fruit & Nut Bar

Let's face it, the Alice in Wonderland Eat Me Fruit and Nut Bar, distributed by the Unemployed Philosophers Guild, is all about the packaging. And what magical, fantastical, whimsical packaging it is!! Any fan of Alice in Wonderland would be thrilled to receive this bar- the jokes, the brainteasers, the quizzes. As a huge fan, myself, the packaging had me at hello. I didn't even care what product I was going to find inside as I had already received my money's worth. So yes, it's basically a high-end granola bar inside. Pleasant to eat, energizing mid-afternoon, but maybe it shouldn't really be classified as candy. Instead, it should be classified as a energy bar or granola bar. But I don't care- the entire experience of playing with the Eat Me bar was thrilling. Three cheers for the Unemployed Philosopher's Guild (Yes, I own their Freud Stuffed Doll, and someday I will own their Virginia Woolf doll, too!)

Score (Packaging): 5(+)
Score (Edibles): 3 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Peeps Marshmallow Bunnies: XL Easter Edition

Happy Easter Candy Season! There's nothing better than a Peep- except an extra large sized Peep. These large bunnies are the traditional Peeps flavor and this batch seemed extra fresh and spongy. The perfect gateway into the upcoming season of Spring sweets!

Score: 4

Scottish Treats: Lee's Jaffa Bar

I'd never heard of the Orange Jaffa Bar, produced by Lee's of Scotland, until I stumbled into one at a British candy purveyor on Friday evening. What a stroke of luck! These are my new favorite go-to sweet! I feel like I've missed a lot of years of getting to know this treat better. Basically, the orange fondant is the exact same consistency of a York Peppermint Patty. Except it tastes like a sparkling creamsicle. The orange filling would be too sweet except that the dark chocolate covering adds just enough bite to keep the flavors in perfect balance. I've been considering how to stock up on these. Have any readers encountered Jaffa Bars on their rounds in New York City or nearby areas?

Score: 5 (Wow!!)

Elite Fingers: Chocolate Cream filled Chocolate Bars

Maybe I'm biased by this alluring and whimsical packaging, but I am really enamored of the Chocolate Cream Filled Fingers, by Elite, Israel's largest candy manufacturer. The outer packaging hosts a welcoming cow and the byline touts "made of milk chocolate, full, full, full of chocolate-flavored cream." Crack open the outer box and there are eight individually wrapped bars about the size of a Kit Kat wrapped in the most cheerful foil designs. By the time I got to the cow-topped chocolate bar, I was in love. The process of unwrapping this candy is simply such a pleasure. All that said, the chocolate is good, too. The interior chocolate cream is buttery and rich and melds pleasantly with the exterior chocolate. It's really sweet. If you're someone who prefers a bite of graded dark chocolate, these Fingers will not appeal to your tastebuds. But as a true sweet tooth, I can't stop indulging. Thanks to Shoshana for the Purim treat and to Abe for translation assistance!

Score (Taste): 4
Score (Packaging Design): 5 (with applause)