Friday, February 8, 2013

Quiz: What Kind of Girl Scout Cookie Are You?

Today is National Girl Scout Cookie Day, which begins the official Girl Scout Cookie selling/consumption season! As I write, courageous Girl Scouts are selling their cookies throughout New York in mobile vans while braving the oncoming Blizzard that's supposed to wrack the Northeast this evening (Click here to see a video from Gawker blog of the mobile troopers selling their cookies despite wind, rain, sleet, and snow!). There should be a badge for that kind of commitment! Anyway, in honor of this momentous day, Jezebel blog has put out a quiz: What Kind of Girl Scout Cookie Are You? Apparently I am a Tagalong, which is appealing, but I would have preferred to be a Samoa.
Click here to take the quiz


  1. Thin mints in the fridge. That's me. Thank goodness Teal doesn't like them.

  2. The mother of Obsessive Sweets is also Tagalong!