Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cynthia Rowley's CuRious, New York

Cynthia Rowley is making candy more fashionable- or has at least incorporated an elegant candy store, called CuRious, into her new Upper East Side shop location. Candy specifically made for Rowley, as well as bulk candies, are offered by the fashion purveyor. Rowley describes it as "Totally Willy Wonka...Willy Wonka with a dark side." I think this entire endeavor is splendid. Alexa discovered the new spot and reported back not only with glowing reviews of the space, staff, and available candies, but with exceptionally fresh cola gummies in festive packaging. CuRious is certainly worth checking out!
Click here to learn more on the website and see images from the new store. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Creativity Through Marzipan: Life-Size Cheeseburger and French Fries

It's astounding to realize that the above life-size platter of cheeseburger and french fries is created entirely of marzipan. Not only that, it is my Favorite marzipan in the world. I've posted about the creative marzipan endeavors of the Fortunato Brothers Bakery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn before- upon every visit I am blown away by their new and imaginative innovations. They are always fresh, and I've never tasted better. If you're  in the area, it's worth a detour to check out the Fortunato daily marzipan offerings.
Click here to see past Fortunato Brothers creations featured on Obsessive Sweets.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Quiz: What Kind of Girl Scout Cookie Are You?

Today is National Girl Scout Cookie Day, which begins the official Girl Scout Cookie selling/consumption season! As I write, courageous Girl Scouts are selling their cookies throughout New York in mobile vans while braving the oncoming Blizzard that's supposed to wrack the Northeast this evening (Click here to see a video from Gawker blog of the mobile troopers selling their cookies despite wind, rain, sleet, and snow!). There should be a badge for that kind of commitment! Anyway, in honor of this momentous day, Jezebel blog has put out a quiz: What Kind of Girl Scout Cookie Are You? Apparently I am a Tagalong, which is appealing, but I would have preferred to be a Samoa.
Click here to take the quiz

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Candy Jewelry: The Valentine Collection Cherry Ring Pop

Same old Ring Pop fun, but now in a heart- rather than the traditional diamond- shape in honor of Valentine's Day. Delicious cherry flavor, fun to wear and consume, an ideal little Valentine jewel to deliver to one you love.

Score: 3

Blue Raspberry Flavored Icee Popping Candy (With Lollipop!)

Icee Popping Candy in Blue Raspberry is not exactly delicious but it's such a fun process to eat! You get this translucent Icee cup-shaped Blue Raspberry lollipop and a little bag of similarly flavored pop rocks to dip it in. I don't think it even tasted like Blue Raspberry, but I didn't care. There were explosions within my mouth with each repeated dip of the lollipop. Honestly, Pop Rocks are my favorite treat if I'm going for the mouth-explosion experience. However, the brand could learn something from this Icee experiment- you get even more entertainment when there's a lollipop involved! Thanks, Tara!

Score: 3

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine's Day Treats: Palmer Cuddly Cuties Yummy Milky & Chocolaty Candy Monkey

As the festive monkey's belly says, "Let's get crazy"! Yes, Palmer chocolate is not really chocolate but instead a "milky and chocolaty candy." That's problematic and the taste is never going to rival some of your basic chocolates like Hershey's or Dove. However, as long as you don't expect real chocolate, it is tasty. It melts a little less nicely in your mouth and lacks the depth of flavor of real chocolate. However, I don't think Cuddly Cuties are as much about taste as about creating a whimsical candy animal. In that arena, Palmer has it just right. This monkey is ideal for the Valentine's holiday and although I didn't eat the entire thing, it sure made me smile!

Score: 3

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine's Day Approaches: The New York Times Reviews Salted Caramels

Today's New York Times hosts a fantastically engaging article by Melissa Clark about the customs and innovations in the fine art of the salted chocolate caramel [click here]. In addition, three reviewers sample 27 of the finest chocolates from across the United States and rate the top 10 [click here]. Not only are the images scrumptious, but any of the caramels listed in the article can be ordered and delivered by Valentine's Day!