Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Introducing the newest member of the Girl Scout Cookie Family: Mango Cream Cookies with Nutrifusion

The announcement of a new addition to the esteemed lineup of Girl Scout Cookies is always reason to celebrate. Today's Huffington Post describes the (yet untasted) new Girl Scout Cookie, the Mango Creme. The cookie is constructed like an Oreo- two coconut cookies sandwich a layer of mango creme. I'm already wary because artificial mango can be dreadful. That said, Girl Scouts do tend to create unexpected deliciousness. My wariness is primarily based on a new form of fat utilized in the cookie called Nutrifusion. Healthier than palm oil and other saturated fats used to create our beloved Thin Mints and Samoas, the Nutrifusion adds vitamins to your cookie! Are Girl Scout Cookies really the place to ingest vitamins? I think not. That said, I am aching to get my hands on one of these for a taste-test. If any readers do get a preview sample, please write in with your review!
To read more on the Huffington Post, click HERE.


  1. They're actually pretty good. There is this really strong "twang" that tastes a LOT like a mango! A few seconds after the first bite, the flavor almost seems to change... into...well... watermelon hubba bubba!!! Strange, I know! But, taste for yourself. :)

  2. Totally intriguing!! I cannot wait to try! (Watermelon bubble gum??)- obsessivesweets